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Valuation advisory is complex enough as it is. We give you the tools to make your life easier, so that you can focus on what you do best.

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Trusted by the world’s leading financial services providers

Providing valuation experts with the essentials for business valuations

Valutico provides access to reliable market data like valuation multiples and risk free rates from leading financial databases, cross-checks business plans and provides useful suggestions to promote consistency and plausibility.

Access Leading Market Data

Gain access to reliable market data such as valuation multiples or beta factors – from leading financial databases, but without the costs and complexity that comes with it

  • Insightful visualizations

  • Market-based discount rates

  • Analysts consensus estimates

Automatic Forecasting

Let Valutico support your own business plan efforts. Create different business plan scenarios and benchmark against peers. Comprehensive analysis in minutes with our valuation software

  • Measure value with 26+ methods

  • Share valuations with clients and teammates

  • Qualitative assessment and analysis

Instant Exports

Save hours transferring results from spreadsheet to slides. Simply export your results to various PowerPoint and Word templates – at the click of a button

  • Transparent calculations

  • Editable / concise exports

  • Compatible with your existing tools

Valutico at a glance

Everything you need to conduct analysis more efficiently
of financial data
valuation methods
listed peers
private transactions

Valutico is a valuation tool to support all Financial Professionals.


Tax & Audit, M&A, and Corporate Finance

Investment Management

Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Family Offices, and Venture Capital


Financial Reporting, Corporate Development, Investor Relations, M&A

We deliver value you can trust


Created by valuation experts for valuation professionals.

Dedicated to your success

Dedicated support and multi-language capabilities to support your global or cross border needs.


Private by default, creating a safe space around your projects and your data.

A powerful digital valuation process

“Valutico changed the game for us. We started using the software to do an upfront valuation in house, rather than analyzing the valuations brought to us. This made a big difference.”

Martin Theyer

Managing Partner

Winning in client meetings with Valutico

“We prepare ourselves greatly before we engage with clients, and bring a lot of data to support our valuations. By bringing outside research to the table earlier than expected, we win more deals.”

Leonardo P.  Grisotto

Managing Partner