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With a background in M&A and business valuations, Max Lahrmann has helped support countless professionals to improve the accuracy and validity of their valuation reports. Working in Valutico as a Valuation Expert for the past three years, he leads Valutico’s valuation training sessions and supports professionals in solving a wide range of valuation issues. With a deep understanding of valuation principles and the use of Valutico's advanced tools, Max assists businesses in achieving accurate and informed valuation outcomes.

Cameco: Powering the Nuclear Future

Cameco Corporation   Weekly Valuation - Valutico | July 7, 2023 Link to the valuation     About the company Cameco Corporation, based in Canada, is one of the world's largest uranium producers, accounting for about 9% of global production. Since its founding in 1988, [...]

July 7, 2023|Categories: Valuations|

Devon Energy: Diversifying into Geothermal

Devon Energy Corporation   Weekly Valuation - Valutico | June 26, 2023   Link to the valuation     About the company Devon Energy Corporation, based in Oklahoma City, is a prominent player in the energy industry known for its commitment to oil and natural [...]

June 26, 2023|Categories: Valuations|